• Target Selection Series
  • VBA: Booster regulator(RoHS compliant)

  • VBA-X3145: Energy saving type booster regulator (RoHS compliant)

  • VBA-X3239: Fixed pressure increase ratio type booster regulator (RoHS compliant)

    ・Increase factory air pressure by 4 times!
    ・Air-only operation requires no power supply, and allows easy installation.
    ・Air consumption: Max. 25% reduction (Pressure increase ratio: Twice), Max. 30% reduction (Pressure increase ratio: 4 times)
    ・Max. flow rate: 10% increase (Pressure increase ratio: Twice), 30% increase (Pressure increase ratio: 4 times)
    ・Charging time: Max. 30% shorter (Pressure increase ratio: Twice), Max. 60% shorter (Pressure increase ratio: 4 times)
    ・Improved service life: 50 million cycles or more (Pressure increase ratio: Twice, 4 times)
     Maintenance frequency is reduced due to improved life.
  • Note: Exclude made to order and special specifications
    Note: Although the series which have completed switchover to RoHS compliance (factory shipment base) indicate RoHS in the catalog, please request RoHS compliant product to the sales representative at time of order.
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