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CRB: Schwenkantrieb mit Drehflügelantrieb

・Features a compact body with a built-in angle adjuster unit
 and auto switch unit (Size: 20, 30, 40)
 Overall length: 44% shorter, Weight: 48% lighter
・Piping, wiring, and angle adjustment can be performed on the same side
 for easier mounting.
・Easy-to-adjust start and end position with the angle adjustment bolts
 (adjustment as standard).
・Rotating angle can be easily checked using the chamfered position of
 the shaft. (Only for CDRB with auto switch)
・Each of the units below for the CRB2 series can be mounted to
 the new CRB series.

CRB2-Z: Schwenkantrieb mit Drehflügelantrieb

・It is possible to move the auto switch mounting position as desired.
・Direct mounting
・Connection port position: Select from side ported or axial ported
(When a switch and angle adjuster are installed, only the side ported is selectable.)
・Low-pressure operation: 0.2 MPa (Size 10), 0.15 MPa (Sizes 15 to 40)
・It is possible to adjust the angle as desired.
・With auto switch (CDRB2 series: CDRB2□W, CDRB2□WU)

CRBU2-Z: Schwenkantrieb mit Drehflügelantrieb, Direktmontage

・It is possible to change the starting position freely according to the installation conditions.
・Lightweight: Weight reduced by 12%
・Can be directly installed in 6 different ways
・It is possible to adjust the angle as desired.
・It is possible to set the auto switch mounting position freely.
・With auto switch (CDRBU2 series: CDRBU2, CDRBU2WU)

CRB1: Schwenkantrieb mit Drehflügelantrieb

・Compact auto switches are mountable. (D-M9□)
・Stainless steel specification for main parts (Made to Order)
・Two different port locations (side and axial) are available.
・Mounting: Direct mounting, Foot mounting
・With auto switch (Series CDRB1: CDRB1, CDVRB1)

MSU: Schwenktisch mit Drehflügelantrieb, Grundausführung

・Integrated table and rotary actuator
・Angle adjustable, ±5º at each rotation end (Double: ±2.5º)
・Table deflection accuracy: 0.03 mm or less (MSUA)
・Connection port position: Select from side ported or axial ported 
(When a switch is installed, only the side ported is selectable.)
・It is possible to move the auto switch mounting position as desired.

CRJ: Miniatur-Schwenkantrieb, Ausführung mit Zahnstange

・Compact, lightweight
・Flexible mounting: Top, bottom, or side mounting is possible.
・Front or side ported is selectable.

CRA1-Z: Schwenkantrieb mit Zahnstange

・Compact auto switches (D-M9□ type) are mountable on 2 surfaces. 
Auto switch can be mounted from the front.
・Weight reduced by up to 14%
・With air cushion, Easy adjustment of cushion valve
・With auto switch (CRA1 series: CDRA1, CDRA1□□U, CDVRA1)

CRQ2: Kompakt-Schwenkantrieb mit Zahnstange

・With cushion
・Equipped with an angle adjustment mechanism
・Single or double axis is selectable.
・With auto switch (CDRQ2 series: CDRQ2)

MSQ: Schwenktisch, Ausführung mit Zahnstange und Ritzel

・Integrated table and rotary actuator
・Equipped with an angle adjustment mechanism
・Easy alignment when mounting the load and the body
・Built-in shock absorber type and external absorber type are selectable.

MSZ: 3-Stellungs-Schwenktisch

・3-point-stopping is possible.
・Suitable for applications such as distributing workpieces to the left, right, and center
・Can be operated with one valve

CRQ2X: Langsamlauf-Kompakt-Schwenkantrieb, Ausführung mit Zahnstange

・It is possible to transfer workpieces at lower speeds. (5 s/90º)
・With auto switch (CDRQ2X series: CDRQ2X)

MSQX: Langsamlauf-Schwenktisch, Ausführung mit Zahnstange

・It is possible to transfer workpieces at lower speeds. (5 s/90º)
・With auto switch (CDRQ2X series: CDRQ2X)

MRQ: Hub-Schwenkeinheit

・Rectilinear rotation unit that integrates a slim cylinder and a rotary actuator
・It is possible to select types with an air cushion on the linear motion parts.
・Angle adjustable


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